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What does it mean to live sustainably? Sustainable Friends says “There are many definitions of sustainability, but essentially it means living in a way that meets our need for food, water and shelter, without harming our environment or compromising the availability of essential resources for future generations. To live sustainably we must use less of the earth’s natural resources, replenish what we can and produce less polluting waste.”

How do we teach sustainability to our children? We don’t often give kids the chance they deserve to participate in some of the household tasks. This is a great place to start! Explaining recycling and having the kids sort the trash is a fun way to learn the cognitive skill of sorting, as well as the importance of recycling. At the grocery store, explain why you may select certain eco-friendly products over mainstream ones. Family gardens provide many avenues to discover all sorts of topics including sustainability and treating our earth in a way to keep it alive and well. AND of course, you can discover eco friendly living with your P.O.D.S.!

Our P.O.D.S. shipping boxes are made from recycled material! The boxes can also be REUSED by YOU! Some quarters, you and your family and group will use the box as a vehicle to return your craft for a worthy non-profit. Other quarters, you may use your imagination! OR you could use your imagination and scribble and doodle and THEN send your craft back to us for the nonprofit! Attach a “handle” and it becomes a briefcase, or a doctors case! Draw some parking lines and its a garage! Add some flare and it can be toy storage! Put sticks across the box, add character players and a ball and its foosball! Maybe its a treasure chest ready for pirates booty! Could it be a cat bed? A picture box? Or just grab your crayons and scribble, doodle, and play! Take pictures and tag us!! The most creative reuse of the box could win a year subscription!!

When we purchase our books, TREES are planted thanks to the partnership between Bulk Bookstore and American Forests!

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