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Back To School Box!

Back To School Box!


You want to start the school off with kindness, so grab our back to school box!

Inside you will find the coolest book about a special woman and how she rallied the community to build a new school, written by 4th and 5th grade students called Ada Jenkins and The Davidson Colored School! You will also get supplies to create inspirational bookmarks and hide them in books all over the library! Our non-profit collaboration is with Pencils OF Promise! In the box, you will get accessories to make one of a kind pencils to sell for donations to the cause! As always, you receive a unique, world-traveled bag to collect back to school supply donations and many more surprises!

You and your kids will learn how your creativity can make a difference in the world!

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Book: Ada Jenkins and the Davidson Colored School written by the LEARN Works 4th and 5th Grade Students

Donation Bag: World Traveled Burlap Bag From Summit Coffee

Kindness Craft: Stickers, card stock, crayons to make bookmarks for the public library, little library or school library

Non-Profit Collaboration: Pencils Of Promise campaign! Marketing materials, craft accessories, pencils,

**More Fun Surprises!

Each box is flexible for a variety of ages of kiddos up to 10is and each activity takes around 10 minutes to complete!. Check out our website and social outlets for more detailed instructions, videos, and other content to improve bonding, kindness and social awareness in your family or group! And remember, there are components that are small so adult supervision and participation is required!