Projects Of Discovery & Service

How It Works

We all want to raise kids that are considerate of others. Families often have the will to help but don’t have the time or tools to get it done. Kind P.O.D.S. to the rescue!! Let Lottie and Dottie, our helpful dolphin friends, guide your family through projects of discovery and service every quarter.

Kind P.O.D.S. is a one time purchase or quarterly subscription box that sends families 3-5 activities to foster family bonding as well as community engagement and social consciousness. In each box, families will receive a fun children's book written by an author of color, a special reused and reusable bag for donations, and 1-2 kindness crafts that improve their local community and organizations around the world.

Our P.O.D.S. will include sustainable packaging and materials as well as fair trade items as much as possible.

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Quarterly Subscription or One Time Purchase


Splash Into Your P.O.D.S.!

Get delighted with all the fun possibilities to learn and grow together!

Bond with Your Family & Help Others!

Dive into your box with Lottie and Dottie and work together to complete the crafts that help worthy organizations in your community and around the world. Share your experiences and projects with #projectsofdiscoveryandservice for a chance of discounts on your next box!

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